Collection: Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Lorenzo Pazzaglia, an ardent fragrance enthusiast and collector from Italy, began his journey into perfumery as an amateur scent creator a decade ago. His initial experimentation involved crafting unique scents for his personal enjoyment and sharing them with the patrons of his restaurant. However, what truly set Lorenzo on his perfumery path was his unwavering commitment to creating exceptional fragrances. He sought to encapsulate the quintessence of perfumery by infusing his creations with an exceptional concentration of essential oils, ensuring exceptional longevity, captivating projection, and an enchanting sillage.

Lorenzo's drive stemmed from a common frustration shared by fragrance aficionados – the fleeting nature of scents that often disappeared too quickly on the skin and went unnoticed by those around. This motivated him to embark on a mission to spread the joy of extraordinary fragrances. His aim was to create shared moments of happiness through meticulously crafted Extrait de Parfum, not only with his loved ones but with strangers as well, ensuring that no one should experience the magic of fragrance in isolation.

Extrait de Parfum - 40% Concentration

Perfumes available in 50ml Bottles and Samples