Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Niche Scents explicitly declares that it is not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by any of the brands whose products we sell. All logos and banners displayed on this website, associated with any brands, remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. We commit to never infringe upon the intellectual property rights of these companies.

Niche Scents' website will consistently and clearly inform customers that the products covered by this disclaimer are decanted from genuine fragrance products originally manufactured by the respective intellectual property rights owner.

Niche Scents samples are decanted from 100% authentic fragrance bottles into 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml atomisers, repackaged and distributed by: 

Niche Scents Pty Ltd
PO Box 572
Beecroft NSW Australia 2119

Our Process

Our process involves transferring perfume from its original large bottle into smaller atomisers by spraying, pouring, or using sterile pipettes. We exclusively utilise brand-new sterile atomisers for decanting. This allows consumers to sample numerous fragrances before committing to purchasing a full bottle.

Each sample is hand-decanted upon confirmation of payment, and just before shipping, from our bottles of authentic fragrances. We maintain a high-quality sterile environment and use medical-grade pipettes for each fragrance to decant from the original bottle into our sample atomisers as per your order.

The final product offered will be the authentic fragrance sourced from the original retail bottle meticulously transferred into our own sterile atomisers and clearly labelled as such.


We take the authenticity of our products very seriously and buy only from authorised suppliers that are directly contracted with the manufacturer. We guarantee 100% authenticity of each of the samples that we sell. Here at Niche Scents, all of our fragrances are 100% authentic and guaranteed, with absolutely no knock-offs, fakes or diluted products. We purchase all our fragrances directly from the manufacturer or from authorised suppliers who source them directly from the manufacturer.

Selling counterfeit fragrances is highly illegal and something we do not condone here at Niche Scents. We care about your satisfaction, and we care about our reputation.