Collection: Ulyka Parfums

House Ulyka

Ulyka Parfums, a French niche perfume house, invites you on a journey into a world where each fragrance is a unique signature. Behind each of our creations, there is a story, an imprint left by the travels and inspirations of our founder. His artistic approach and his passion for fruity, sweet and exotic aromas are reflected in our perfumes, each bearing the mark of this quest for excellence.

Our perfumes, harmoniously blending sweet and exotic notes, do not just perfume; they leave an indelible mark, an addiction, in the wake of those who wear them. At Ulyka, creating a perfume is an art, and each bottle is a masterpiece, resonating with the personality and story of its wearer. Our fragrances are more than just an accessory, they are an extension of yourself, leaving a unique and memorable olfactory imprint.

Perfumes are available in 100ml Full Bottles & Samples