Collection: Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9, a groundbreaking New York perfumery, challenges the male-dominated industry under the leadership of founder and CEO Laurice Rahmé. Offering a unique New York-centric experience, Rahmé oversees every aspect of the eau de parfum collection, from conceptualization to fragrance development and bottle design. Her artistic touch extends even to the interior of each Bond No. 9 boutique.

The scent collection, named after their original headquarters on 9 Bond Street in Noho, pays homage to their beloved home city of New York. Achieving a dual mission, it restores artistry to perfumery while honouring each unique neighbourhood with its own signature scent.

In 2015, Laurice Rahmé made history as the world's first perfumer to receive the prestigious United Nations' Women for Peace Award. This recognition acknowledges her tireless efforts to promote peace through fundraising with their universally adored fragrance, the Scent of Peace.

Continuing to make waves in the perfume industry, Bond No. 9 defies conventions and leads the way with captivating fragrances, unwavering commitment to artistic expression, and a dedication to social responsibility.