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Eau de Parfum

by Giardini di Toscana

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Fragrance Overview

New Freshness scent - Unisex fragrance

It is the bright and crystalline dawn after a nocturnal storm, the air is fresh and the sky expands in its celestial and clean perfection. The fragrances spread powerful and overbearing: delicately citrus fresh notes, clean with a floral touch of violet iris.

Fragrance Notes

Dihydromyrcenol, Marine Notes, Violet, Raspberry, Exotic Flavours, Vanillin, and Ambroxan


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wedding Scent

This fragrance is incredible!! It almost smells like a candied watermelon then dries down to a delicious subtle vanilla. Can't wait to wear this on my wedding day.


Beautiful sparkling violet with milky base notes. I love it even more than Bianco Latte.

M Go

I initially purchased Bianco latte and received a sample of Celeste.
I immediately fell in love and purchased a full bottle a couple of days after receiving the sample.
It is simply divine.
The sea water note & like I don’t get at all. So don’t let that scare you.
What comes through is the beautiful violet with raspberry & vanilla sugar. Smells sweet & powdery but not overly.
You also get that floral hint in there throughout the mid.
Longevity is around 5-6 hrs on my skin.
After this time it’s close to the skin but people in your scent bubble can still smell you.
Overall this is my number one fragrance from Giardini di toscana.

Candied violets!

A very pretty, feminine scent with candied violets and musky vanilla. If you enjoy perfume like Xerjoff’s Dama Bianca I think you would enjoy this. The vanilla smells the same as in Bianca Latte. To me this has a bit of everything I enjoy… a little gourmand, a little clean and a little musky. It has great projection, as I have received compliments each time I have worn it. It lasts 4 hours on me and then becomes closer to the skin but I still get the lovely sweet violets throughout the wear.

Just beautiful

I absolutely love Giardini Di Toscana. Celeste in Italian means “light blue” like the sky. And it does have an ethereal feel to it. You can smell the violet and vanilla and the sea salt + lime keep it from being too sweet. Make no mistake this gorgeous perfume will last ALL day and the silage is fabulous..