Collection: Amouage

Amouage perfumes showcase unparalleled craftsmanship, quality, and creative integrity. With the finest ingredients sourced worldwide, perfumers from Paris, Grasse, Geneva, and New York create these exceptional fragrances. Each handmade creation offers a captivating blend, enveloping the senses with elegance and a long-lasting trail. Multi-faceted florals, Omani frankincense, spices and oud, and rare ingredients form intriguing contrasts.

Amouage has become an icon in the perfumery world, boasting a repertoire of over 50 unrivalled perfumes. Gold, Jubilation, Epic, Dia, Reflection, Honour, and Interlude are among the critically-acclaimed masterpieces that have become timeless classics.

Amouage cherishes Arabian perfume culture, which is interwoven into each creation. With a firm commitment to honouring their roots in Oman, the brand consistently strives to bridging the legacy of the past with a promising future.