Collection: Initio

Initio Parfums, a French perfume house shrouded in intrigue, emerged onto the scene in 2015. Guided by artistic director Sonia, the brand draws inspiration from the influential novel 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind, highlighting the captivating power of fragrance. Sonia emphasises that throughout history, perfume held a significance beyond simply smelling pleasant. In ancient Egyptian times, it was revered for its ability to create magic, attract love, purify spaces, establish a connection with deities, heal, and cleanse the body. Even today, in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and the Middle East, perfume remains a symbol of strength and influence.

Initio Parfums aspires to convey the animalic potency of scent and its role as an "invisible pheromonal force." This objective is achieved through their collection of exquisitely crafted fragrances, collaboratively created with esteemed perfumers such as Constantin Gueros, Alexandra Kosinski, and the legendary duo of Alberto Morillas and Maurice Roucel. By fusing artistry and olfactory expertise, Initio Parfums invites individuals to experience the captivating allure of fragrance as a transformative and empowering element in their lives.