Collection: Mancera

In 2008, Pierre Montale founded Mancera, initiating a unique collaboration with his daughter. Amelie took on the role of artistic director in 2017 to propel this multi-generational project forward. Pierre's extensive travels in the Far East, combined with ancestral knowledge gained in the workshops of master perfumers, shaped his perspective. Amelie, a photographer and visionary artist, drew inspiration from her love of art deco and her upbringing surrounded by fragrances. The fusion of graphic arts and olfactory design resulted in timeless works that transcend Western and Eastern influences, creating a synesthetic experience that harmonizes visuals and scents, transporting us to distant lands.

The brand showcases a French aesthetic with its extraordinary perfumery, featuring luxurious inspirations and meticulous attention to detail. Pierre Montale's vision encompassed purity of form, stylised prints, and opulent flask materials. The incorporation of gold plating, Macassar woods, mother-of-pearl, and various metals exudes a modern allure, celebrating both the oriental colors and French refinement. Mancera captures the essence of a globetrotting man, seamlessly traversing far-off realms and returning to his homeland.