Collection: Frassai

FRASSAÏ, established in 2013 by industry expert Natalia Outeda, hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having honed her skills in crafting olfactive directions for renowned global brands at a leading fragrance house, Natalia felt compelled to bring recognition to Argentina and Latin America in the realm of high perfumery. With a deep connection to her native country and a fresh perspective as both an insider and outsider, she embarked on a mission to create novel sensorial experiences.

Natalia's unparalleled cultural background and nearly two decades of expertise in the fragrance industry grant her a distinctive outlook on modern perfumery. Her initial foray into fragrance manifested as exquisite perfume pendants, conceived as works of art that effortlessly capture the ethereal allure of scent. This contemporary jewelry collection was soon accompanied by scented candles inspired by music legends in 2015. Subsequently, her perfumes beckon wearers on olfactive voyages through the diverse landscapes of South America and beyond.