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Bake Sample

Bake Sample

Eau de Parfum

by Akro

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Fragrance Overview

Amber Vanilla scent - Unisex fragrance

One of the aromas of modern life we find most alluring is that of bakeries and cake shops, the scent of fresh pastry and sticky sugar brightening up the most humdrum of days. One of our favourite bakeries in all of London is Carnaby Street’s Crumbs & Doilies, and inspired by their famous lemon cupcakes, we created a new perfume: BAKE.  BAKE is a fascinating scent; made up of tart lemon notes, followed by sweet vanilla and rich, nutty praline. It’s so good, you might not even need that naughty cupcake or extra patisserie after all - from the brand

Fragrance Notes

Lemon Peel, Rum, Chantilly Cream, Praline, Brown Sugar, and Vanilla


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Very harsh opening, very odd dry down but it was not well balanced, leaning very heavily into an almost acrid lemon scent

Soft lemon scent

Another overhyped fragrance for me… it’s just an okay smell

Fresh lemon aroma with a sweet creamy dry down

This is a rather straight forward aroma. It opens bright with a good punch of citrus that isn’t artificial and reminds me of the aroma when I’m baking a lemon meringue pie or making lemon curd.

However all that freshness disappears far too quickly and you are mostly left with a simple clean vanilla aroma.

I love the sharp opening and honestly wished it would have last more than a few minutes.

That said, it was a fun aroma and I’ll definitely recommend giving it a try (even if it’s to simply use it as a layering product whilst on the go)

I Iayered this with Bianco latte and loved it (at least whilst the lemon notes lasted)