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Mango Skin Sample

Mango Skin Sample

Eau de Parfum

by Vilhelm

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Fragrance Overview

Floral Fruity scent - Unisex fragrance

With a single bite, you can feel the mango in your veins. Wild colours, endless skies and untamed happiness: breath-taking South Africa becomes the backdrop for this expressionist burst of blackberries, mango and black pepper. A ripe fruit that reveals its complex flavours — a cocktail of wild orris, black lotus and jasmine that leaves behind patchouli, vanilla and a hint of pink sugar.

Fragrance Notes

Blackberries, Mango, Black Pepper, Wild Orris, Black Lotus, Jasmin. Patchouli, Vanilla, and Pink Sugar


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love this

So fresh and juicy and sweet!! Lasts ages and the dry down is just as good. The juiciness of this one reminds me of a juicy couture perfume I had years ago. Definitely a summer daytime scent


I have been on the hunt for some new fragrances that are a bit different to the norm and my usual that I end up with. I usually lean towards florals and bright fruity fragrances but am trying to expand my taste and collection a bi and experiment with different options and scents.
I really liked this much to my surprise. Iv sprayed it before in shops on a card, and the reviews elsewhere are hit and miss. But I wanted to give it a proper go on my skin and I was pleasantly surprised!
It is definitely a very green fresh scent. definitely fruity but again, green not fully ripe fruit. I was surprised by how much a ended up liking this.
It lasted really well on my skin and I could still smell it on myself at the end of the workday.

Ill keep trying it and am on the fence if I would by the full bottle given the price. But I am really happy I tried it and its definitely on my list of bottles to consider!