Collection: Kilian

Kilian Hennessy, from a prestigious lineage in fine liquors, blends his heritage and artistic vision into perfumery. With KILIAN PARIS, his eponymous brand, he redefines luxury through a rule-breaking approach.

Kilian embodies personal passion, crafting fragrances inspired by his extraordinary experiences. Influenced by heritage, global voyages, encounters with artists, exotic flavours, and a magnetic self-assurance, his creative spirit shines through. Perfume is both seductive weapon and symbolic armour, protecting against the outside world.

Merging French opulence with audacity, Kilian Hennessy presents a contemporary vision while honouring past artisans. Collaborating with renowned perfumers, he curates each fragrance meticulously. Renowned for enduring compositions reminiscent of luxurious French perfumes, he insists on the finest ingredients, favouring rarity and rawness. The resulting fragrances ignite a passionate dance between convention and the unconventional.